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10 Steps to Better Worship

Posted 9/3/2017

One of my greatest desires is that God would finally receive the worship He deserves.  Of course, this kind of worship is happening right now in the throne room of heaven, but I long to see our heavenly Father’s name hallowed on earth as it is in heaven.  Have you ever experienced transcendent worship?  A worship experience where you absolutely knew that you had been in the presence of the Almighty; and you were overwhelmed by His holy majesty?  Where you were dethroned and He was exalted?  Where you wanted nothing more than for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done in you as it is in heaven?  Where He spoke to you?  Such moments are an other-worldly foretaste of eternity.  This type of holy encounter is true worship from God’s perspective.  And, in those moments when God receives the worship He deserves from us, we receive His very best for us.  Did you worship last Sunday or just attend a worship service?


You show me the path of life.

In Your presence there is fullness of joy;

in Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Psalm 16.11

God wants us to enter into His presence and has opened a new and living way of approach through the blood of Jesus.  When we worship God in spirit and in truth, He responds.  God inhabits the praises of His people.  Transcendent worship should be a normal experience in the life of the believer.  You don’t have to settle for anything less than God’s best.

Here are 10 steps to a better worship experience this coming Sunday:

1.   GET A LIFE:  You must be born again.  You can’t enter the presence of the Holy One on your own merit.  Without new life in Christ you will forever be on the outside looking in.

2.   GET A DEVOTIONAL LIFE:  Corporate worship is an extension of your private worship.  Walk daily with Jesus in prayer and through His word (reading and memorizing).  How can you worship what you do not intimately know?  Jesus came to restore a broken relationship.  Let the restoration begin and intimacy grow.  Don’t just know about Jesus; know Jesus by walking with Him daily.  If you don’t have a devotional life, start today.  Click here for today’s reading from the OneYearBible.

3.   BE THERE:  No one else can worship God on your behalf.  Failure to show up not only denies God of the worship He deserves, but your church is a little weaker without your presence.  Make corporate worship a non-negotiable priority in your schedule.  No more lame excuses; God is not buying them.  God deserves your worship.  Your church needs your participation.  Be there and be there on time.  Be a contributor instead of a distraction.

4.   BE PREPARED:  Worship is intentional; it doesn’t just happen because you show up.  So, you not only need to be there, but you also need to be present (in heart, spirit, and mind).  We have all done it, shown up but our minds were a million miles away.  Take the time necessary to get back in tune with God before you show up if your church worship service doesn’t include a time for prayerful preparation.  Deal with the sin in your life; God hates it.  Jesus didn’t die so that you could continue in sin without fear of consequences.  He died to set you free from the dominion of sin.  Confess, repent, and proceed with a clear conscience.  Receive the forgiveness He offers and rejoice.

5.   DON’T SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED:  If God blessed you with income, give Him at least a tithe.  It is hypocrisy to sing about how our great God is the source of everything good in our lives and then rob Him of the financial offerings only we can bring.  God doesn’t need your money; but you need to recognize and honor the source of all your resources.  It is all lip service until the money leaves your hand.  And if you can’t let it go, know that your god is money and God will not accept your empty worship.  If you didn’t earn any income, write a thank offering to God; list the blessings that He has poured into your life and place it in the offering box or plate.  For real, write a thank you note to God every week.  This may confuse those who count the offerings, but it will delight God.

6.   REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NOT THE OBJECT OF WORSHIP:  You are the performer, not the audience.  Worship is not for you; it is by you.  All those songs, they weren’t for you so it doesn’t really matter if you liked them or not.  That preacher, he is trying to glorify God by faithfully proclaiming His word, not tickle your ears.  You are the worshiper, not the One being worshiped.  Worship is not about you.  So make the most of the songs provided and the word proclaimed.  If you don’t like the style, then find another church.  Stop fussing at the worship leaders; they are trying to help you worship but they can’t please everyone.  Hopefully, they please God.

7.   BRING YOUR BEST:  Sing your heart out.  Pray with passion.  Love like Jesus.  Hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Take every thought captive.  Remain engaged and focused during the preaching of the word.  Wear yourself out for His glory.

8.   DON’T COME TO LEAVE:  Come to encounter the Living God.  Welcome the Holy Spirit to move freely in your life and the life of your church.  If you can’t stop looking at your watch you risk missing the treasure of God’s manifest presence.  You will hate heaven if you think worship must always fit conveniently into your schedule.  What could possibly be more important than worship?  Corporate worship is like a dress rehearsal for eternity.  Worship in this life is a sacrifice; it is costly.  Obsessing over time indicates that you have already disengaged as an active worshiper and settled for being just an observer; you are now on the outside looking in.  Worship is active, not passive.  As soon as you realize that you have disengaged, remind yourself why you are there; that you are the worshiper and God is worthy of your worship.  Train yourself to remain fully engaged.  This step will take practice.

9.   ASK AND EXPECT:  Ask for eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to believe, and a mind to understand.  God loves to commune with His faithful ones.  When you have brought your best, expect God to give you His best.

10. EMBRACE THE TRANSFORMATION:  Welcome God’s holy work of sanctification.  God fully intends to help His holy ones increasingly be transformed into the image of His dear Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  You shouldn’t be quite the same after true worship.  You should be a little more Christ like.  Respond, without delay, to every leading from the Lord.

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