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MP3 Streaming Audio and Video Messages

May the Lord use these messages to touch your spirit and glorify His name


Make Disciples: Dedicated Followers of Jesus

There Is More of Jesus to Pursue


BUCKLE UP: Pre-Tribulation Rapture is Wishful Thinking

First Resurrection THEN Rapture


Intruder Alert - Teaching Series on the Vulnerability of the Church

Intruder Alert! - Part 1

Intruder Alert! - Part 2


Marriage Matters - Teaching Series

Marriage Matters - Part 1

Marriage Matters - Part 2


 Concerning the United States of America

America Was A Christian Nation

America Is Reaping What She Has Sown


God Will Make A Way




Resurrection Matters - 2011 Teaching Series


Resurrection Requires a Response


Resurrection Matters - 2010 Teaching Series

Jesus As He Is Now - Part 1

Jesus As He Is Now - Part 2